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Programme 2015

Go Bunkers


Go Bunkers

'Bunk up' with family or friends and make a weekend of it. Find out more.

Boswell Book Festival 2015

Thank you to everybody who came to the Boswell Book Festival. To our authors, who were magnificent, delivering an unrivalled programme of talks; to our wonderful record audiences who made the pilgrimage to our stunning new venue; to our hard working volunteers whose stamina throughout the weekend was most impressive; to all the staff at Dumfries House who looked after us so very well and of course to all our kind sponsors. 

Everyone had a very important role to play and all on the Festival team value that so very much. Thank you indeed.

Boswell Book Festival 2015 Alice in Wonderland

Our fantastic 'Alice in Ayrshire' Frieze - now on show in Auchinleck Community Centre - created by P6 pupils in Ayrshire primary schools with Nick Sharratt and Viv French.

Janice Forsyth

Ian Rankin's talk in discussion with BBC Radio Scotland's Janice Forsyth, was recorded at the Festival. YOU can still catch it 'as live!'  Click here to listen to it.

James Boswell

James Boswell

The man, his life, and his home.


Dumfries House

Home of Boswell Book Festival.

Bozzy Books

Bozzy's Books

James Boswell in print.