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Boswell Book Festival 2014

Boswell & Book Festival - in major BBC TWO  Series

Janice Forsyth

Who saw Andrew Marr's programme on BBC 2 on 16 August?   He featured the life and work of James Boswell, ninth Laird of Auchinleck,  as one of the great Scottish writers who have reflected, defined and explored Scottish national identity over the last 300 years.  It had an exciting packed-house pre-screening at the Edinburgh Festival.  Here it is on YouTube:

The programme retraced Boswell’s journey from his privileged but austere childhood in Edinburgh, to the vibrant streets of London,  his daring journey to Corsica, his rugged jaunt with Dr Samuel Johnson through the Highlands and the Western Isles, his eventual fame as the great biographer of Samuel Johnson and, in our own time, a brilliant autobiographical diarist. Stay to the end to catch scenes of Auchinleck House and last May's glittering Boswell Book Festival, and watch Boswell Trust director James Knox escort Andrew into Boswell's deep dark final resting place in the Auchinleck church mausoleum.

Andrew's  second programme in his three-part  series, on Sir Walter Scott, screened on BBC 2 on Saturday August 23.  Sir Walter Scott, brilliant poet and pioneer of the historical novel, was a huge fan of James Boswell and one of his most avid readers. He loved the 'Life of Johnson'. Scott wrote that Johnson had in James Boswell, 'such a biographer, as no man but himself ever had, or ever deserved to have', and the 'Life of Johnson' 'may be termed, without exception, the best parlour-window book that ever was written'.

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