Support Us

Support Us

We are indebted to all who have supported the Boswell Book Festival over the years in many different ways. Without this support the Festival would not have come so far. We therefore extend a sincere and heart felt thank you to all our supporters. Support in its many forms, is always going to be essential to the Festival’s ongoing development.

Did you know?

The Boswell Book Festival is staged by the Boswell Trust ( a volunteer led charity registered in Scotland which was established for the advancement of heritage, literary arts and education, specifically the restoration of James Boswell’s Mausoleum in Auchinleck Churchyard and the creation of a visitor attraction celebrating his life in the adjoining Boswell Aisle. The Trust relies entirely on annually sourced grant funding, sponsorship, donations and voluntary support to continue.

An Invitation

We invite you to support the Festival in whatever way you choose so please do consider some of the options listed on our website.  Any financial support will be put directly towards the festival running costs. It may also help us to increase our ability to attract and to transport our authors to Ayrshire from various corners of the country!  Rest assured that your support in whatever form it takes will be greatly appreciated by the Festival volunteers and the Boswell Trust.  Thank you.