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2023 Boswell Book Festival Schools Events

My Friend Selma with Victoria Beesley: Ep. 1 & 2
The True Story of Rosa Parks with Lauren Burke
Slug Love with Jo Clifford and Danny Krass

Slug Love with Jo Clifford and Danny Krass

S3+ / Contains explicit content

Live Event

Join playwright Jo Clifford and sonic theatre maker Danny Krass to discuss Slug Love, part of a series of dramatic podcasts created for Glasgow’s Tron Theatre.

In advance, listen to the podcast, and then join live to explore, discuss and debate the themes and issues of this piece. Slug Love explores sex, identity, family relationships and human nature. Using the innocent imagination of a child, whose curiosity about slugs in the garden opens up a conversation around patience, language and our human need for meaningful relationships.

Jo Clifford is a proud father and grandmother, playwright and performer, based in Edinburgh. She is the author of over 100 plays, many of which have been performed all over the world. Plays include: Every One, The Tree Of Knowledge, Faust Parts One And Two, Ines De Castro and Great Expectations.

Danny Krass is a music composer and sound designer who has worked with all the major theatre companies across Scotland including the Lyceum, Traverse, Tron, Visible Fictions and Catherine Wheels.

Slug Love by Jo Clifford – Earwig: Sonic Theatre Podcasts

Farewell Tour of an Eternal Optimist with John Young
Creating A Life Story with Vivian French & Julia Vohl
A Kid's Life in Ancient Times with Chae Strathie

A Kid's Life in Ancient Times with Chae Strathie


Join Chae Strathie for a fun, fascinating and informative exploration of what life was growing up in Ancient times. Join him for a whistle stop tour of a kid’s life in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Aztec times as he talks about his British Museum commissioned series So You Think You’ve Got it Bad. A kid’s life in ancient times might sound fun what with all that brilliant sunny weather and exciting festivals, but actually life could be pretty hard. In this hilarious event, with award-winning Chae, you will learn just how tough life could be from being cursed to snacking on maggots to embalming the dead. This event is a mash-up of reading, singing, quizzes and dodgy ‘facts’. 

Other titles in the series include: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Prehistoric Times and are developed in consultation with the British Museum’s top specialists in ancient history.

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